Dare to Bare: How to Nail The No-Makeup Look

Nothing against makeup – we’re big fans – but some days your skin wants a breather. Here’s how to look great and glowy without makeup. Whether you’re a foundation-phobe or you just want to take a little make-up break, your skin condition needs to be prepped and ready for the spotlight. So we’re sharing some skintel on ways to boost your skin tone and texture and how to get your natural glow going, no highlighter required.

Let’s Get Clear

Clear, glowing skin is all about a diligent state of clean. Your morning cleanse refreshes and readies your skin while removing the grime of the day each evening will help to keep congestion on notice, remove sunscreen, excess oil and prep your skin to go into repair mode. Our best-selling Glycolic Cleanser 12% is our highly effective AHA formula that not only cleanses but chemically exfoliates your skin for a deeper clean to banish breakouts and improve the appearance of pores, leaving soft and radiant skin to shine through.

A Cleanser's Best Companion

An AHA-based toner is the perfect post-cleanse step to not only wipe away any stubborn residue but to quickly exfoliate surface layers of any expired skin cells or dry patches that block your natural luminosity and are legit radiance robbers. Boosted by 5% Glycolic Acid and balanced with soothing Aloe Vera and Green Tea, our Expert REFINE Glycolic AHA Toner helps to refine pores, soften skin, and restore your glow.

Up Your Hydration

Finding ways to boost your water intake both inside and out will help your skin to look plump and refreshed. Ensure you’re drinking no less than two litres of water a day, snack on foods with a high water content (think cucumbers, celery, watermelon) and watch your caffeine intake. Coffee, tea and caffeinated energy drinks can dehydrate you from the inside out and fine lines are often more a sign of internal dehydration than premature ageing. We also like to spritz our skin throughout the day with Multi-Active Mist as a hydration hit with instant soothing properties —and an antioxidant boost (Green Tea, Vitamins C and B3) as a bonus. 

Treat Your Skin Tone

When skin is looking uneven, blotchy or pigmented it can appear flat, dull, and almost dirty. This is when we turn to a tried-and-trusted treatment serum like Rejuvenate 15 Serum. Powered by antioxidant vitamins like anti-inflammatory Resveratrol and Lanablue (a botanical form of Vitamin A and gentle Retinol alternative), it helps to improve a range of visible skin conditions like dehydration, sun damage, dullness, pigmentation, and fine lines. 

Tool Time

At-home skin needling can have a remarkable effect on the texture, tone, and overall condition of your skin. Our Derma Roller utilises tiny micro-needles to painless stimulate the skin, helping to boost Collagen production, encourage cellular renewal and regeneration for firmer, plumper skin. Ah-mazing at combating congestion and acne and refining acne scarring, skin needling twice a week after your evening cleanse will not only help to visibly improve your skin condition but allow your skincare products to do their best work.

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