Our DMs are full of skincare related questions, but one that pops up more often than anything else is, ‘do I really need to double cleanse my face?’ The short answer is ‘yes’, but how and when are up for discussion. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together the following guide featuring everything you need to know about double cleansing, the benefits, our preferred method, and the best formulas for the job. 

What Is Double Cleansing? 

Double cleansing is just what it says on the tin: it’s washing your face twice, rather than just once. 

The two-step process typically involves using an oil-based formulation first, before going in with a water-based cleanser for extra purified skin. 

How Does Double Cleansing Work, And What Are The Benefits?

The idea behind double cleansing is that like attracts like, meaning an oil-based cleanser will break down oil-based products such as sunscreen and makeup, which enables a secondary water-based cleanser to remove any remaining product, pollutants or sebum. 

When we don’t properly clean our skin, product build-up can occur, risking clogged pores and congestion. It’s also important to remember that any active serums or moisturisers you apply are only able to get in and do their job if your skin is properly cleansed. 

So, Should I Be Double Cleansing?

If you’re wearing sunscreen or heavy makeup, the answer is ‘yes’ – absolutely! But truthfully, everyone with a skincare routine should be double cleansing. Think of it like this: during the day pollutants, dirt, grime, and oils accumulate on our face. Add in occlusive skincare products, and a single cleanse just isn’t enough to completely remove it all. By deep cleansing your skin, you're giving your complexion the best chance of being healthy. 

For this reason, we highly recommend you double cleanse every evening. You can probably skip it in the morning though, as one gentle cleanse is more than enough to remove your evening skincare and prep your face for the day ahead. 

How Do I Double Cleanse, And What Should I Use? 

The ideal double cleansing method should look like this: 

This formula is rich in lipids to nourish the skin, as well as Squalane (your skin’s natural moisture) to improve hydration. It also cuts through thick sunscreen and waterproof makeup with ease.

If you’re thinking, ‘but I’m acne-prone…’ don’t fret! Expert Replenish Squalane Cleansing Oil is safe for oily skin types, or those prone to frequent breakouts. In fact, the oils within the formula help to break down and dissolve excess oils on our skin (like attracts like). 

  • Add a tiny bit of water to emulsify before rinsing.
  • Pat your face dry and follow up with a water-based gel or cream cleanser. We’ve got a few A+ options in our line-up and choosing one simply comes down to your skin type. Gentle Cleanser is a softening gel formula that’s suitable for every face, including ultra-sensitive or reactive skin.

L-Lactic Cleanser on the other hand contains an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid – specifically, Lactic Acid – to gently brighten and rehydrate the skin.

If you prefer a deeper exfoliation once or twice per week, reach for Glycolic Scrub 14%: the hybrid formula will buff away dead skin cells, instantly smoothing and boosting glow.

Now you know why double cleansing is so important, find the perfect cleanser for your skin type here.

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