Your 3-Step Summer Skin Reset

Summer can be tough on skin; hot, dehydrating winds, scorching temperatures, and an unforgiving UV index all take their toll. It’s also a time for peak pigment production; and while you might not see the full effects until Autumn, what you do to support and protect your skin now will pay off later.

Follow our 3-step skin reset for better skin in a matter of weeks.

1. Needlework

Skin needling, or derma-rolling as it’s also called, is an incredibly effective treatment to address a multitude of skin challenges from persistent breakouts and visible acne scarring to uneven skin tone, pigmentation patches, and a generally dull, tired complexion. Clinical skin needling is performed by an experienced therapist in a salon environment or you can try a less invasive, at-home option like our popular Derma Roller (0.25mm): it employs 600 stainless steel micro-needles that painlessly roll over your skin helping to stimulate cellular turnover and Collagen production. A simple step that takes just a matter of minutes, first you cleanse (or double cleanse) your skin and pat it dry. Then you take your Derma Roller and start rolling over sections of the face, back and forth a few times in a mix of vertical and horizontal moves. You’ll notice your skin will start to look flushed as it stimulates the circulation. Not only is it working on the surface layer of the skin and below but skin needling also helps boost the absorption of any skincare products you use afterwards. You’ll probably also find a little goes a long(er) way with whatever you use to follow.

2. The 15-Minute Mask

You’ve stimulated your skin to help stimulate cellular change; tick. Now it’s time for a change of pace in the form of a calming mask treatment. Our Quick Fix Calming Sheet Mask is laced with 25ml of a concentrated serum boosted with natural soothing agents such as Honey, Brown Algae Extract, and Vitamin B3; all of which help to reduce any redness or mild inflammation and rehydrate the skin. It also has a welcome cooling effect on the skin, making it ideal to use after any kind of professional treatment like micro dermabrasion and skin needling, or in the days following a chemical peel. Leave on your skin for 15 minutes and then gently massage any excess serum into the skin – no rinsing required.

3. The Power Couple

Hydrating your skin should always be the final step of any facial treatment or skincare routine. After any masking session, we recommend following with your favourite serum or moisturizer. But if you’re looking for a true skin reset, then we suggest mixing in a sprinkle of our Vitamin C 100%. with Moisture Defence Normal, (unless you have sensitive skin). By adding this concentrated form of L-Ascorbic Acid to your daily moisturizer you’re not only boosting hydration levels in the skin but helping to refine tone and texture, encouraging cellular renewal and welcoming back your natural radiance.

Want to learn more about skin needling? See how it’s done in our dedicated IGTV post here.

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