If you've been scrolling Instagram or TikTok recently, you will have noticed the ever-present glazed-donut skin trend (and if you haven’t, head over to Hailey Bieber’s Instagram and you’ll see exactly what everyone’s talking about).

Characterised by a dewy, luminous, plump-looking complexion, glazed-donut skin isn’t actually that hard to replicate if you have the right products and technique. All you need to do is layer up on hydration and nourishment… then you too can have serious glow!

Below, we explain exactly what to use and how to use it for a plump, complexion all day long – without the need for makeup.

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Double Down On Cleansing

Good skin starts with a good canvas, so it’s essential to begin with a double cleanse to remove dirt, excess sebum and pollutants. Start by massaging Expert Replenish Squalane Cleansing Oil into dry skin for about 30 seconds, before emulsifying with a little water. The blend of botanical oils works to purify and nourish the skin, leaving it plump, refreshed and prepped for skincare. Follow up with a gel like L-Lactic Cleanser: the Alpha Hydroxy Acids will subtly brighten while improving hydration.

If you're experiencing flakiness or rough texture, take a pea-sized amount of Glycolic Scrub 14% and gently buff your skin. The Glycolic Acid will break down the glue holding old cells together, while the rounded Jojoba Beads will sweep them away. Your face will look smoother in seconds.

Don’t Skip Mist

As soon as you’ve cleansed, go straight in with a face mist. Applying products to damp skin can assist with hydration, helping you achieve that plump, dewy finish. Multi-Active Mist is jam-packed with humectants like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, with Aloe Vera, Lilly Pilly and Niacinamide to saturate the skin with moisture. Spritz it liberally across face and neck, then move straight into the next step…

Hyaluronic Acid Is Your Best Friend

A targeted treatment serum is never a bad idea, but if you’re going for a glazed finish, reach for Hyaluronic Acid – because it pulls water into the skin it’s excellent when it comes to diminishing the look of fine lines, and restoring bounce. 1% Hyaluronic Complex Serum combines four different weights of Hyaluronic Acid, as well as bio-active Pentavitin and Panthenol for deep, long-lasting hydration.

Amp Up The Nourishment

For the ultimate glazed skin finish, it’s essential to lock in all that hydration with a great moisturiser. Moisture Defence is a top choice for regular skin types, and Moisture Defence – Ultra Dry is perfect for those prone to dryness. Our hack? Add a few drops of Multi-Active Oil into the mix (regardless of your skin type) – not only will the Lipid content nourish your complexion, it will also turn up the glow. Really work the oil into your skin, massaging upwards for a lifted finish.

Bonus tip: You can also add a drop or two of Multi-Active Oil into your foundation or skin tint to dial up luminosity.

Finish With A Slug

You could stop at moisturiser – and this is probably fine for those who lean towards oily or combination skin – but if you’re after a little more sheen, apply a rich, occlusive formula such as Repair Balm. It has a thick, melting texture that’s packed with Shea Butter, Ceramides and Jojoba Oil, so imparts a glossy, high-shine finish. Warm a little between your fingers and press onto the high points of the face like cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. Those with super dry or depleted skin could even wear a light layer of Repair Balm to bed: because it forms a protective layer, it prevents water loss while you sleep, so you’ll wake supremely soft and nourished.

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