It’s no secret that a consistent at-home routine sets the foundation for skin health, but if you want to really level up results or target stubborn concerns, a professional treatment is the way to go. 

We’re big believers in skin treatments for lots of reasons – not only do they enhance the effects of your topical routine, they can also improve on complicated concerns like pigmentation, acne, or premature signs of ageing. And don’t even get us started on the self-care side of things! 

In partnership with Laser Clinics, we’ve got a number of seriously good Skinstitut treatments on offer, from glow-boosting AquaFacials to transformative peels. So, if you’re looking for definitive results you’ve come to the right place. 

Read on for clinical and at-home skincare solutions that will help you hit all your complexion goals. 

To Treat Or Not To Treat? 

In-clinic treatments come with countless benefits, but they’re only one piece of the puzzle. Think of it like an intense PT workout: it’s important to dedicate time and effort to an expert-led session, but your efforts will be in vain if you don’t also load up on nutritious foods at home – aka your day-to-day skin routine. 

Of course, you don’t need professional treatments to see results, but the tools and technologies found in-clinic can be game-changing and, alongside a dedicated at-home skincare regime, will work to truly accelerate your progress.

You Want Instant Hydration And Glow? Try: Skinstitut AquaFacial 

The AquaFacial is a hydradermabrasion treatment that gently but effectively resurfaces the skin’s texture, before nourishing ingredients are infused back in. What’s great about this treatment is that it can be tailored to your skin type – your therapist will even handpick formulas from Skinstitut’s core and Expert ranges depending on your needs. Expect a complexion that’s bright, clean and seriously glowy

Our top formula to prolong results: Expert Revitalise Hyaluronic Jelly Mask

You Want To Illuminate And Refine Before An Event? Try: Calm & Hydrate Peel

If you’re 48 hours out from a big event and want your skin to look its absolute best, we highly recommend the Calm & Hydrate Peel. This treatment uses enzymes to micro-exfoliate the skin, removing dull surface cells while simultaneously flooding the skin with moisture. It can be paired with our Hydrojelly Mask Duo for serious glow, too. 

Our top formula to prolong results: Enzymatic Micro Peel

You Want A Brighter, More Even Complexion? Try: Clear And Bright Peel

If pigmentation is a skincare woe, book yourself in for the Clear & Bright Peel. It combines Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHAs and BHAs such as Glycolic, Lactic and Mandelic Acids) to chemically exfoliate, improving cell turnover rate for a brighter skin tone. This is also a great option to deep clean pores and fade the look of post-pimple marks. 

Our top formula to prolong results: 10% Niacinamide Power Serum 

You Want To Diminish Signs Of Ageing? Try: Anti-Ageing Peel

The Anti-Ageing Peel (also known as the retinoic-acid peel) is a hardworking skin treatment that penetrates deep into the dermis, boosting cell turnover and dialling up collagen production. You might experience mild flaking or peeling post-treatment, but once this subsides the skin will look firmer and your wrinkles softer. A treatment series will afford longer-lasting benefits, too. 

Our top formula to prolong results: Expert Reveal Retinol Face Oil

You Want To Get A Handle On Congestion? Try: Advanced Brightening & Clearing Peel

Persistent breakouts can be difficult to treat via topicals alone, which is why the Advanced Brightening & Clearing Peel is so transformative. This heavy hitting treatment uses a powerful combo of Glycolic, Salicylic, Mandelic and Lactic Acids to resurface and deeply purify pores, helping to shift stubborn acne and clarify the skin. You might experience a little peeling post-treatment (proof of the active ingredients working their magic), so we recommend LED Light Therapy to speed up the healing process. Repair Balm will also be your BFF! 

Our top formula to prolong results: Expert Refine AHA Glycolic Toner 

Bonus tip: Want to maximise skin healing and repair post treatment? Work Rejuvenate 15 into your routine to stimulate cell renewal for bright, luminous results. 

Want to know more about how to level up your skincare game? Read our top tips for glowing, glazed-donut skin here

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